BSMS Health Education Conference 2017 – Innovating Clinical Education: today and tomorrow

Tim at conferernce

This stimulating conference last month was attended by Lisa McLaren, our BSMS Librarian, along with members of the BSMS TEL team who presented and submitted posters.  You can read Lisa’s account of the event below.



“The overarching themes of the conference, now in it’s fourth year, were around widening participation and the increasing uses for technology in the medical classroom and beyond. We had access to a range of keynote speakers, workshops, shorter talks and a poster presentation, as well as some excellent opportunities to network with health care staff and academics from around the region.

“Dr Jennifer Cleland’s keynote speech focused on the work carried out to date to improve access to medical school for non- traditional students and, crucially, the work that is still to be done, particularly around decreasing the Foundation Year drop out rates, which Graeme Dewhurst of Health Education England also touched on, in his closing remarks.

“Many of the break-out sessions throughout the day looked more at technology, with an excellent workshop from Tim Vincent and Claire Smith about easy ways to enhance your teaching using technology, including ideas like:

  • using Slack for groupwork
  • use of Nearpod to enhance powerpoint sessions
  • using simple tools nearby, such as your phone, for recording sessions

“One of the most valuable insights the day gave me, was the number of workshops and short talks that looked at the non-conventional uses of technology, often in remote areas or out with the classroom. I think this has implications for how we spend money on resources down the line, and it was really useful to hear about the use of WhatsApp, videos and podcasts to aid learning in Zambia, where paper resources are at a premium, but also to hear what foundation doctors use for personal development, when their access to University resources dries up, and actually how some of these resources are starting to overtake journal use amongst younger cohorts. I found a lot of food for thought and a number of resources to follow up on.

“There was a lot of exposure for the work of the BSMS TEL team: Tim Vincent ran his own workshop, which was well attended, submitted a poster on the CAPSULE project and acted as photographer and general tech support throughout the day, whilst CJ Taylor had a poster on display, around the development the online anatomy lab, and set up the visuals for the foyer and break out spaces.”

CJ poster


Reaching out to Sussex Partnership Foundation Trust staff


Amy Dunn is our Mental Health Specialist Librarian and provides Library & Knowledge Services to Sussex Partnership Foundation Trust staff.  Although based at the Mill View Hospital Library in Hove, she takes every opportunity to meet with them and support their learning and development events, such as the one below:


“On November 1st I took a stack of library leaflets and other goodies to hand out at Sussex Partnership’s Autumn Learning Event held at Sussex University’s Falmer campus. It was great to see so many people attending this event, reflective of the trust’s commitment to learning, and I spoke to as many of them as I could manage during the coffee and lunch breaks.

“Every single person I spoke to was an enthusiastic library user, which was nice to hear! One person told me how she’d set up a system to share the information updates the Library & Knowledge Service sent to her with the rest of her team, another told me how he’d persuaded his manager to change the way his team carried out a process by drawing on evidence that we’d provided, and others said the evidence searching teaching they’d had from library staff was invaluable to them.

“I took the opportunity to ask each person I spoke to the question: ‘how can we best reach your non-library using colleagues and tell them about the services we provide?’

“Everybody generously took the time to give really thoughtful and helpful responses to my question, and I came away with details of meetings, events, and a list of contacts to follow up. This will keep me busy for a while!”

Contact Amy for more information on our services, or to arrange a visit to your team:


Libraries Week 9 – 14 October

9-14 October is Libraries Week: the annual showcase of all the creative, innovative and diverse activities that UK libraries have to offer.

We’ll be tweeting events that are runningLibraries week 2017 in other libraries throughout the week but why not take some time to explore our Brighton and Sussex NHS Library and Knowledge Service?

*Did you know:

581 in-depth reports on the latest evidence for patient care and service improvement were carried out by our librarians to inform health professionals

2,343 clinicians and managers have signed up to our targeted email updates on new evidence and key developments

3,800 clinicians and managers receive our KnowledgeShare Alert Bulletins on health management and governance

271 information skills teaching sessions were delivered to staff, trainees and students by our library teams, covering finding quality health information, using EndNote, critically appraising the literature, reflective writing and using twitter professionally.

3,151 journal articles were obtained for our members on request by our Document Delivery team

23,225 books were loaned or renewed

15,862 ebooks were accessed

81,410 health promotion leaflets were distributed to local schools, GP practices, charities and hospital wards

1,224 journal titles were purchased covering a diverse range of specialties

Contact us or drop into one of our libraries to see for yourself.

*Taken from Brighton and Sussex NHS Library and Knowledge Service Annual Report 2016-2017

Hope to see all our educators at the BSUH Inter-Professional Conference!

Look out for the Library and Knowledge Service team who will be sharing best practice and tips for educators at the 4th BSUH Inter-Professional Conference.

To whet your appetite, here’s just a selection of the rich resources we offer to support Educators. Explore our full range via our website:   *NHS OpenAthens password required; register here:




Speakman E.  Interprofessional education and collaborative practice: creating a blueprint for nurse educators. 2017




Bradshaw M J.  Innovative teaching strategies in nursing and related health professions. 7th ed. 2017




McKimm J.  Medical education at a glance.  2017




Dobkin P L. Mindful medical practitioners: a guide for clinicians and educators. 2016




Cannon S. Evidence-based teaching in nursing: a foundation for educators. 2nd ed. 2016





Oermann M H.  Teaching in nursing and role of the educator: the complete guide to best practice in teaching, evaluation, and curriculum development. 2015



Tavabie A. General practice specialty training: making it happen: a practical guide for trainers and clinical and educational supervisors. 2nd ed 2016






Talbert R.  Flipped learning: a guide for higher education faculty. 2017




academic medicine

Academic Medicine   (NHS OpenAthens password required)



clinical teacher

Clinical Teacher    (Kent, Surrey, Sussex NHS OpenAthens password required)



Jnl interprofess

Journal of Interprofessional Education and Practice  (Kent, Surrey, Sussex NHS OpenAthens password required)



med education


Medical Education   (Kent, Surrey, Sussex NHS OpenAthens password required)




Medical Teacher (NHS OpenAthens password required)



nurse educat


Nurse Education in Practice   – 2 month embargo  (NHS OpenAthens password required)



Evidence searches carried out on Educators

We provide evidence to inform patient care, service improvement, research and clinical teaching. Recent searches we’ve provided include:

  • The role of the clinical practice educator in nursing
  • Effectiveness of educators in clinical situations
  • Developing competencies for Clinical Educators
  • Advantages to hospitals of having clinical academics in ICU
  • Do we teach medical education alists how to communicate with students in an online environment?
  • Mentoring in medical education
  • Interprofessional learning and its relevance to education in clinical practice

 Web and other resources

Clinical Skills.Net       Clinical procedures.

Medical Education      BSUH Medical Education Website.  Supports medical education training for hospital doctors, dentists and general practitioners within the Sussex area.

NMC Nursing and Midwifery Council  Standards to support learning and assessment in practice.  Preparation for mentors, practice teachers and teachers.



Improve your skills as an educator at the BSUH Inter-professional Research, Education and Knowledge Conference 2017

Directorate Education Knowledge Logo

Do you teach or supervise medical trainees, nursing students, or staff in any profession at BSUH?  Every year the Trust runs a one-day conference aimed at educators – this year it’s coming up on the 15th September in the Audrey Emerton Building.  These events always receive excellent feedback thanks to the wide range of topics covered, which are useful for staff of all disciplines, so why not come along?

The Inter-professional Research, Education and Knowledge Conference 2017 (IREKCon) will include plenary sessions from experts on engaging the multi-generational workforce, co-designing services with patients, and changing behaviours of staff.  There will be break-out groups discussing everything from safety huddles to human factors education, trainee feedback and innovative approaches to case-based discussions.

We’ll also have demonstrations of the simulated ambulance (“simbulance”) and practical workshops on using technology in teaching, improving productivity and networking with Twitter.

For full details and to book a place use the iris virtual learning system at and look for “4th BSUH Inter-Professional Conference

Health Information Week


Health Information Week (3-9 July) is a national multi-sector campaign to promote the good quality health resources that are available to the public.

This year, our Public Health and Patient Information Specialist Librarians will be manning a stall in the foyer of the Jubilee Public Library in Brighton on Thursday 6th and Friday 7th July.

The theme will be on cancer screening and knowing the signs of cancer. We will be raising awareness through our leaflets and posters of the benefits of screening to prevent cancer, and also the importance of knowing the signs of cancer which means a visit to the doctor is needed. Drop in and see us there or contact us.

Follow the week’s events and join the campaign via Twitter: #HIW2017