How we take care of your data

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At last the avalanche of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) emails has slowed to a trickle!  As you will know all too well, every organisation in the UK has been required to review how they process and make use of the information that they hold about their users.  We have done the same and here we will briefly explain where you can go for more information if you need it.

The Library and Knowledge Service uses two systems to store information about our members.  The first is our library management system, which allows members to find books and journals, and to borrow, renew and reserve items from our stock.  You can view the information we hold on you in this system by using your library membership ID (on your membership card) and a PIN that we provide separately.  If you do not know your PIN you can request it from

We have updated our Privacy Policy for the library management system, which you can find on our website.

KS logoThe second system that we use is KnowledgeShare, which provides you with personalised evidence updates about new publications in your field and helps us to manage requests for in-depth evidence searches and information skills teaching.  Those of you with an OpenAthens account will be able to log in to KnowledgeShare to check and update the details we hold about you.  If you aren’t able to access the system just drop us an email.

KnowledgeShare also aims to facilitate networking and communities of practice within the NHS in order to avoid us all reinventing the wheel.  For this reason we ask whether you would be happy to make your contact information available to other NHS staff, but we won’t share anything without your permission.

If your information is on KnowledgeShare then we will email you once a year to remind you and ask whether anything has changed (or if you’d like to be unsubscribed).

We have updated our Privacy Policy for KnowledgeShare, which you can find on the site.

If you would like to discuss this further, please contact, Head of Library & Knowledge Service.


50 ways to use your library

To paraphrase Paul Simon’s well-known song, there are indeed many ways to use your library. For example,

You could be creating a new Trust-wide policy:

“I needed to prepare a policy document about storage of medicines and could not find much research to support it. The research you provided was cited in my policy, which will ensure that staff will not use medicines stored outside a temperature range that could have made them ineffective or even harmful.”

Clinical Pharmacist, Sussex Community

 Or sharing best practice with clinical colleagues:

“We needed evidence for the creation of a new policy related to local anaesthetic infusions for acute pain patients. All the references were helpful in developing the policy, which is now shared trust-wide through the intranet and will reduce risk and improve the quality of pain management. I am also writing a chapter in a book and using some of the references.”

Clinical Nurse Specialist, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals

Perhaps you’re commissioning services and maximising savings:

“I needed to identify best practice around spirometry screening for COPD. I had already searched the internet but not come up with much.

The comprehensive research you provided was used to cost and commission a local service and ensured that guidance given was up-to-date and accurate. This will impact on patient care and helped to identify a benchmark, therefore enabling us to maximise savings.

As a commissioner I found it incredibly helpful, and time-saving.”

Clinical Commissioning Manager, Horsham and Mid Sussex CCG

Interested? Request an evidence search today using our online request form or contact us for more details.

Let us find the evidence to inform your decision-making

“I was submitting an Individual Funding Request to prescribe secukinumab as a first line treatment for psoriasis, which was to cost around £5,000. The report you provided was vital and I would not have been able to make the request without your help. Thanks to your report the drug company has agreed to cover the patient’s medication for the year.”     Consultant, BSUH NHS Trust

Evidence search collageIf you want to find the very best evidence but have limited time, we’ll research for you. We’ll search key health databases, clinical summaries and specialist research sources and filter the results carefully, based on your specific needs and to your timescale.

“The comprehensive research you provided was used to cost and commission a local service and ensured that guidance given was up-to-date and accurate. This will impact on patient care and helped to identify a benchmark, therefore enabling us to maximise savings. As a commissioner I found it incredibly helpful, and time-saving.”  Clinical Commissioning Manager, Horsham and Mid Sussex CCG

We’ll provide you with a selected summary of our findings with abstracts and extracts of relevant research.

This will be emailed to you as a word document with embedded links to full text:

search service extract

“It is incredibly helpful to have an expert searcher and to have results formatted in such a clear, systematic way. It means we genuinely ensure that we draw on available evidence as we implement projects, rather than guesswork – or relying on a rather ad- hoc Google smattering of search results.”  Associate Director, BSUH NHS Trust


Request a search today using our online request form or contact us for more details.

Brighton & Sussex Library and Knowledge Service:  Informing • Educating • Influencing


Speed up your access to evidence!

The Library and Knowledge Service offers a variety of services to help implement evidence in practice.

  • We find evidence to answer your specific clinical or managerial questions.
  • We run teaching to refresh your skills in finding, evaluating and managing healthcare research.
  • We send you short updates on the latest publications in your field.

Now all of these services can be accessed more easily via our KnowledgeShare website.

KS screen shot 2.png








Logging in allows you to update your professional interests and receive email updates on the latest research, request an evidence search, see previous search requests, book onto or cancel attendance at teaching, and download certificates of attendance.

You can also connect with other members of KnowledgeShare across the country to collaborate and share knowledge.

Log in at with an NHS OpenAthens password (register first if you don’t have one already) or contact us to find out more.

How did we make a difference in 2016-17? Read our latest annual report

The Brighton and Sussex NHS Library and Knowledge Service Annual Report for 2016-17 has been published.  It briefly illustrates some of the ways our work has made an impact on patient care, service improvement, study, research and clinical teaching over the last year.

Annual Report 2016-17

The report shows how our services were used in comparison to previous years, with many areas showing increased activity in 2016-17.  In particular, the number of evidence search requests received, the number of teaching sessions run and the number of articles provided on request at short notice all went up this year.

Document Supply ChartTeaching chart

Usage of the online journals and databases that we purchase remained high, with only books (both print and electronic) showing a significant dip in usage.  Full details of activity and resource usage can be found in the report, along with case studies of how we made a difference to local staff and students, and updates on our changing team.

You can also read more about how our two clinical librarians are are contributing to Trust polices, guidelines and workforce planning in an earlier post.


Using KnowledgeShare to improve your access to evidence

The Library and Knowledge Service has a number of ways to help inform your  improvement work, teaching, or research.  We can find the latest evidence to answer a specific clinical or managerial question. We’ll refresh your skills in finding and evaluating research. And we can keep you up-to-date in your field with regular evidence updates.

knowledgeshare-imageNow, all of these services can be accessed through our new KnowledgeShare system.

All you need to log in is an NHS OpenAthens password (available from and if you have used us in the past you may find that you’re already signed up!

Once logged in you can request a search for evidence, view previous search requests, book onto forthcoming teaching, download certificates of attendance, and tell us your professional interests so we can keep you informed.

Find KnowledgeShare at or watch a video explaining more.

Contact Ben Skinner, Head of Library and Knowledge Services, at for more information.