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Improve your skills as an educator at the BSUH Inter-professional Research, Education and Knowledge Conference 2017

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Do you teach or supervise medical trainees, nursing students, or staff in any profession at BSUH?  Every year the Trust runs a one-day conference aimed at educators – this year it’s coming up on the 15th September in the Audrey Emerton Building.  These events always receive excellent feedback thanks to the wide range of topics covered, which are useful for staff of all disciplines, so why not come along?

The Inter-professional Research, Education and Knowledge Conference 2017 (IREKCon) will include plenary sessions from experts on engaging the multi-generational workforce, co-designing services with patients, and changing behaviours of staff.  There will be break-out groups discussing everything from safety huddles to human factors education, trainee feedback and innovative approaches to case-based discussions.

We’ll also have demonstrations of the simulated ambulance (“simbulance”) and practical workshops on using technology in teaching, improving productivity and networking with Twitter.

For full details and to book a place use the iris virtual learning system at and look for “4th BSUH Inter-Professional Conference

Working in public health and need help finding evidence-based information?

Remember your Library service gives you access to two Social Science databases:

SocIndex Coverage includes social and health related topics including gender studies, criminal justice, social psychology, religion, racial studies and social work

Social Policy and Practice UK literature covering applied research, policy and practice in areas including public and social policy, public health, homelessness, housing, crime, law and order, families, children and older people.

Search ‘SocIndex’ or ‘Social Policy and Practice’ with your *NHS OpenAthens password     Register online at

*Public Health Provider Organisations in Sussex only.

For further help contact:

West Sussex:  Erica Rae – Public Health and Commissioning Librarian, Tel: 07710 979157 Email:

Brighton and Hove and East Sussex: Francesca Marcelline – Public Health Specialist Librarian, Email:

Support for dietitians

Here’s just a selection of the rich resources we have to support Dietitians. Explore our full range via our website:

NHS OpenAthens password required; register here:


counselling skills


Gable J. Counselling skills for dietitians.  3rd ed. 2016




advanced nutrition



Goff L. Advanced nutrition and dietetics in diabetes. 2016



Nutrition for older


Bernstein M. Nutrition for the older adult. 2nd ed. 2016



Nutrition at a glance

Sharma S. Nutrition at a Glance.  2nd ed.  2015




Journals (all available with an NHS OpenAthens password)

Clinical nutrition


Clinical Nutrition



jnl human nutrition


Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics



jnl academy


Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics



jnl american


Journal of the American Dietetic Association








nutrition and dietetics

Nutrition and Dietetics




Evidence searches carried out on Dietetics

We provide evidence to inform patient care, service improvement, research and clinical teaching. Recent searches we’ve provided include:  

  • Nutrition in Intensive Care
  • Nutritional interventions in neonates and children with foetal alcohol syndrome
  • Dietary support for gynaecological cancer patients
  • Low-fat/fat-free diets and paediatric acute pancreatitis
  • Parent perception of the nutritional intake of their children
  • Protein energy malnutrition as a result of neglect
  • Diet in Cystic Fibrosis–Related Diabetes (CFRD)
  • Nutrition in the premature infant
  • Blended diet via tube feeding

 Web and other resources

 Public Health England

The obesity section on the Public Health England (PHE) site provides many high quality data and analysis tools and resources for public health professionals..

NICE Guidance: Lifestyle & wellbeing: Diet, nutrition & obesity

Nice guidance, advice, quality standards and information services for health, public health and social care. Also contains resources to help maximise use of evidence and guidance.


Our students have put Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS) in first position in the National Student Survey (NSS) for medical schools

It has been the most superb year for BSMS with excellent NSS results. BSMS have scored a near perfect 99% for overall satisfaction and are ranked first, the top spot for undergraduate medical degrees.

The quality of teaching was rated extremely highly, with 100% of participants agreeing that the course is intellectually stimulating and that they have been provided with opportunities to apply what they have learnt. In addition, 98% agreed that staff are good at explaining things and have made the subject interesting.

Dr Juliet Wright, Director of Undergraduate Teaching and Learning at BSMS, says: “I am delighted with our excellent results in the 2017 National Student Survey. Our staff are committed to providing students with an outstanding education in medicine, and the particularly high scores for teaching show we have been successful in achieving this. Results of 100% for the quality of the course and opportunities for students to apply what they have learnt, show that we are clearly preparing our students well for their future careers in the NHS.”

bsmsStudents felt strongly that BSMS provided a positive learning environment, with 97% believing that they felt part of a community of staff and students, and had the right opportunities to work with other students. Access to course-specific resources was also very high at 99%, and sufficient advice and guidance in relation to the course and opportunities to provide feedback both received 98%.

Are you a trainee doctor studying for exams?

We can offer you exam revision tools for a range of Royal College exams from OnExamination, PassMedicine, The Birmingham Course and Medical Masterclass.

In a recent survey, all participants said that the exam codes aided preparation for their exams and the vast majority would recommend them to others.

This is what our members say about the service:Exams

For further information –

A taster of what we have for you….whatever your specialty

Whether you’re just starting out or heading your team, specialising in oncology or ophthalmology, a pharmacist or an anaesthetist, working with children or older adults, the key texts, journals and information tools you need are at your fingertips.

Resource lists 1

Our new Resources by Specialty series highlights just some of the resources and services available through your Library & Knowledge Service.  From e-books to e-journals, clinical procedures to exam preparation, 3-D images to current awareness….all this plus links so you can start using them straightaway.

An OpenAthens account is required to access the online resources in these lists. Register for your account at:

*Note: access may be limited to specific organisations; contact for advice.