General Nursing Resource List

Here’s just a selection of the rich resources to support General Nursing. Explore our full range via our website:

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Le May ARspid. Rapid adult nursing. 2017





Sellmabecomingn D. Becoming a nurse: fundamentals of professional practice for nursing. 2nd ed 2017




Adult nursingBurns D. Foundations of adult nursing. 2015





Royal MarsdenDougherty L. The Royal Marsden manual of clinical nursing procedures: student edition. 9th ed. 2015




Royal Marsden profDougherty L. The Royal Marsden manual of clinical nursing procedures: professional edition. 9th ed 2015




Essentials of nursingDelves-Yates C. Essentials of nursing practice. 2015





Essential clinical skillsDelves-Yates C. Essential clinical skills for nurses: step by step. 2015





Nursing practicePeate I. Nursing practice: knowledge and care. 2014




Becoming a nurseFedoruk M. Becoming a nurse: an evidence-based approach. 2nd ed. 2014





BJNBritish Journal of Nursing (NHS OpenAthens password required)





EBNEvidence –Based Nursing  (NHS OpenAthens password required)





JANJournal of Advanced Nursing (Kent, Surrey, Sussex NHS OpenAthens password required)




NursingNursing (American Edition) (NHS OpenAthens password required)





Nursing EthicsNursing Ethics (NHS OpenAthens password required)





Nursing ForumNursing Forum  (Kent, Surrey, Sussex NHS OpenAthens password required)




Nursing ResearchNursing Research (NHS OpenAthens password required)





NTNursing Times (NHS OpenAthens password required)





Evidence searches carried out on General Nursing

We provide evidence to inform patient care, service improvement, research and clinical teaching. Recent searches we’ve provided include:

Assessment of post registration, specialist practitioner nurse students

Nursing competency frameworks

Benefits of training for nurse/HCA roles in changing skill mix

Pre-registration nurse education in pharmacology

Motivating nursing staff to complete mandatory training/education

Skills passports for nurses

Education for nursing and health professionals

6 Cs of nursing

Professional issues in nursing


Web and other resources

NMC Nursing & Midwifery Council The Code


The NMC regulate nurses and midwives in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. They exist to protect the public. They set standards of education, training, conduct and performance so that nurses and midwives can deliver high quality healthcare throughout their careers. They make sure that nurses and midwives keep their skills and knowledge up to date and uphold professional standards.



Your specialty is our specialty!

Whether you’re just starting out or heading your team, specialising in oncology or ophthalmology, a pharmacist or an anaesthetist, working with children or older adults, the key texts, journals and information tools you need are at your fingertips.

specialty lists emergency medicine

Our Resources by Specialty series highlights just some of the resources and services available through your Library & Knowledge Service.

specialty lists nursing

From e-books to e-journals, clinical procedures to exam preparation, 3-D images to current awareness….all this plus links so you can start using them straightaway.

specialty lists medicine - exams

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Fake journals: think, check, submit!

Sometimes library members approach the library for advice about unsolicited e-mail messages asking for manuscripts, inviting the recipient to join a journal’s editorial board, or to submit and abstract or poster to a conference. How can one tell which are legitimate and which are from fake, so-called ‘predatory’ journals and conferences?

Fake journals have sprung up in the wake of the open access movement. Sometimes they can be easy to spot. Few established journals need to tout for manuscripts; further, e-mails and websites will contain spelling and grammatical errors, and over-effusive compliments to the author. Claims about peer review, editorial board membership and indexing may be misleading, or outright lies.

A campaign supported by leading publishers and open access organisations offers a list of checks would-be authors are advised to carry out before submitting, under the three headings, think, check, submit. Follow their checklists, or ask us, if you’re unsure about the bona fides of a journal or conference.

Are you studying for work or exams? We’re here to help!

Here’s just a selection of the rich resources we have to help you develop your study skills. Explore our full range via our website:

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Web and other resources

Clinical  (NHS OpenAthens password required BSUH only)ClinicalSkills

An online educational resource in the UK to support training and best practice in clinical skills and patient care.

Royal Marsden

Royal Marsden Manual  (NHS OpenAthens password required BSUH only)

Evidence-based clinical skills and procedures related to essential aspects of a patient’s care.


Anatomy.TV by Primal Pictures (NHS OpenAthens password required)


Anatomy and physiology online, including interactive 3D models and narrated animations.



critical thinking

Cottrell S. Critical thinking skills: effective analysis, argument and reflection. 3rd ed. 2017





Talbert R. Flipped learning: a guide for higher education faculty. 2017





Hargreaves S. Study skills for students with dyslexia: support for specific learning differences (SpLDs). 3rd ed. 2016



for nurses

Boyd C.  Study skills for nurses. 2014





Bethell E. Pocket study skills: posters and presentations. 2014



pocket 2

Godgrey J. Pocket study skills: reading and making notes. 2nd ed. 2014



getting critical

Williams K. Getting critical: pocket study skills. 2nd ed. 2014



study skills handbook

Cottrell S. The study skills handbook. 4th ed. 2013



foundation degrees

Bedford D.  Study skills for foundation degrees. 2nd ed. 2013




jnl interprof


Journal of Interprofessional Education & Practice  (Kent, Surrey, Sussex NHS OpenAthens password required)


jnl med.png


Medical Education  (NHS OpenAthens password required)


jnl nursJournal of Nursing Education (NHS OpenAthens password required)




Evidence searches carried out on educating and training

We provide evidence to inform patient care, service improvement, research and clinical teaching. Recent searches we’ve provided include:

Is the cascading method of training an effective way to learn

Effective ways of delivering training

What makes good simulation teaching for medical students


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